Puzzles? Check. Cool graphics? Check. Ambient piano background music? Double check. I'm not sure what else you could want out of Lost Toys to have a good time with it. This title invites you to fix some old, broken toys by spinning and flipping the pieces on your screen. It looks amazing, but it's currently showing up as tablet-only.

The toys you're trying to fix in this game are all small wooden models – you know, fire trucks, helicopters, clowns, and so on. Of course, you often have no idea what the jumble of wooden blocks is supposed to be when you first see it. What is that, like a mutant turkey or something? Nope, helicopter. You can spin the object around to check out all sides to plan your moves, of which you get a limited number.

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The visuals in Lost Toys reminds me a lot of the Zen Bound games. The toys are intricately detailed and the entire game has a very shallow, soft focus. It looks like something puzzle fans should check out.

Lost Toys
Lost Toys
Price: $2.99