Another month, another set of platform distribution numbers. The constant ebb and flow of Android's population by version number continues to swing in KitKat's favor, though not by a whole lot. Android 4.4 is up 4.3% month over month during the 7-day period measured by Google from July 1st to the 7th, while Jelly Bean appears to have undergone its first net shrinkage. Though the number of 4.2 installs grew by 0.6%, 4.1 fell 1.2%, and 4.3 by 1.3%, marking a net decline for Jelly Bean of 1.9%.


Froyo shrunk ever so slightly, by a modest 0.1%, and Ice Cream Sandwich is down 0.9%, as well. And, finally, Gingerbread is no longer more popular than KitKat, though it still commands a greater share than Android 4.3, at 13.5%. You can check out the full distro numbers at the source link, below.

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