Sometimes auto-correct is more annoying than it is useful (hyperbottomcheeks978 is a username, dear keyboard, and no I don't want to save it to my dictionary just to prevent you from nagging me about it for the remainder of this conversation). Fortunately for users of the Xposed framework, there is a new module out that will allow you to toggle auto-correct on and off just by double tapping on any text box. And it comes to us from the developer of XGELS.

Some keyboards are less annoying than others, offering the word as typed in the leftmost corner of the suggestions bar so users can easily switch back to it. Yet this still requires an extra tap, and sometimes if you have your keyboard set to automatically add a space after periods or perform some other convenient function, it gets confused and drops the original word before you can go back and select it.

Turning off auto-correct will disable suggestions entirely, meaning you will need to manually peck out letters as opposed to swiping across them. But with re-enabling the feature a mere double tap away, it's not much of an inconvenience. The module has been tested with the Google Keyboard and SwiftKey on Android 4.4, but it should work with others as well. Installation consists of downloading the module, installing it, activating it in Xposed Installer > Modules, and rebooting your device. To get started, hit up the XDA Developers link below.

Suggestions Toggle Xposed Module on XDA Developers forum