I've heard you - cloud storage can suck it. It requires a speedy internet connection, blows through data, puts your files on some company's servers, and frankly isn't always all that reliable. You want to stick your files on a flash drive just like the good ol' days. So here's the deal. Newegg is currently selling a 64GB OTG USB stick for the discounted price of $33.99 (a $5 savings). And if you ask nicely, Patriot Memory will send you a $14 rebate Visa card, bringing that figure down to $19.99.


This little drive will work with Android devices with OTG compatibility and Android 4.0 or higher. It's too clunky to leave plugged into a device full-time like a microSD card, but it should serve you well in those moments when you just want to pull up a movie or playlist that you don't need access to 24/7. Hit up the link below to check it out.

Patriot Stellar Series 64GB OTG USB Stick on Newegg

Via FatWallet