A rumor started flying earlier this week that OnePlus, makers of the crowd-pleasing but hard-to-find OnePlus One, would be introducing a tablet at some point. The "OnePlus Tab" appeared in an alleged screenshot of the OnePlus site, suggesting that a tablet was at least being developed. We reached out to OnePlus for comment on the rumor. Here's what they had to say:

The 'OnePlus Tab' rumors are false. We have no plans to make a tablet in 2014. We are putting all of our energy into the OnePlus One for the remainder of 2014.

Evan "Evleaks" Blass later retracted his leak, saying that a OnePlus representative claimed the screenshot had been photoshopped. Of course, public relations workers have been known to stretch the truth on occasion (it's an ancient and venerable skill they call "marketing"), but in this case we're inclined to believe them. We haven't seen any concrete evidence of a OnePlus-made tablet, and the company's extremely close business partner and probable parent corporation Oppo currently does not have any Android tablet designs.

That doesn't necessarily mean there won't be any new OnePlus products this year. Given the current vogue for 12-month product cycles, it's possible (though unlikely) that the company could issue a refresh of the One late in the fourth quarter. But a tablet would seem to be off the books for now. It's lucky there are so many Android tablets left to choose from, right?