HTC has had a rough time in recent years as Samsung has risen to dominance in the Android device market. The resulting slump culminated in a year of losses for the Taiwanese OEM, but today's Q2 2014 numbers signal a potential turnaround. HTC had a small profit of NT$2.26 billion ($75 million) over the last three months.


HTC owes its change in fortunes to the One M8, which has been received well by consumers. However, it's not all the sales. The company's net revenue is actually lower this year than it was in this quarter last year. HTC has slashed costs to reach this point, but you can only trim so much fat. It needed the M8 to be a breakout hit, but it seems to have only been a modest success.

The second quarter is traditionally strong for HTC because that's when it releases flagship phones. Without another big win this fall, the company is likely to sink back into the red, or very close to it. So, M8 Max? Yikes.

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