Just like traditional radio, listening to internet radio without paying money requires putting up with ads. Well, usually. Radical.fm tosses this entire concept out the window by letting users stream music for free. If listeners would like to donate to the company to help out, it would be nice, but such generosity is not required. There's a catch, though. The Android app, despite just launching, already looks like it hasn't received an update in three years.

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Radical.fm touts access to over 25 million songs, which is no small number considering the "pay-what-you-can" asking price. The app functions similarly to Pandora, prompting users to create stations and adjusting to suit their tastes based on likes and dislikes. Radical.fm also allows for hands-on customization, letting listeners manually toggle which genres they want to hear more of.

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Still, for a service that first launched on iOS just last year, the app has no reason to look this outdated. In the little bit of time I've spent trying out Radical.fm, I've encountered an incredibly snappy UI, plenty of modern hits, and an overall pleasant music experience. Everything about it just happens to be ugly.


Radical.fm comes from the founder of Tomsradio.com, an interactive internet radio station that launched way back in 2000, so it does have some experience under its belt. You can give the service a try via the widget below.

Radical Indie, Radio ReDefined
Radical Indie, Radio ReDefined

Source: Radical.fm blog