We've been talking about Handy Apps' newest app, Expense IQ, and how it can help users be more aware of their finances, budgeting, save money, etc. But we haven't yet looked at one of EIQ's best features: Cloud Sync. This is an extremely important feature, as it not only makes moving data to a new device easy, but it also keeps a backup safe in the cloud (in your Dropbox account) and makes all info available across multiple devices.

Screenshot_2014-07-01-13-04-03 Screenshot_2014-07-01-13-04-21

Speaking of, Expense IQ also has a full tablet interface, so users who prefer the bigger screen can take advantage of that. The increased screen real estate allows more info to be displayed at one time, making it even easier to get a look at the overall financial situation. Coupled with CloudSync, that makes for a great experience across the board.


Note: CloudSync is only available in the Gold version of Expense IQ ($6.99)

Expense IQ Money Manager
Expense IQ Money Manager
Developer: Handy Apps
Price: Free+

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