Google has just announced its acquisition of music streaming and curation service Songza. We don't have any details on the value of the deal, but Songza is by no means a heavyweight in the music streaming ecosystem. The deal was rumored a few weeks ago with a possible purchase price for Songza at about $15 million (that's 0.015 Instagrams). Only in the land of Google acquisitions is that a small number.


Google doesn't have any plans to change or (gasp) kill the app or service. You can still download and use it on Android and iOS for now. Mountain View will, however, begin looking at ways to bring Songza's unique flavor of playlist generation into Play Music. Unlike most services, Songza tries to match tracks to very specific user moods like "feeling confident" and "sweaty dance party." Songza's expertise might also help improve YouTube when Google finally gets that music service up and running.

Songza seems pretty happy with the deal. The official blog's mood is "Walking on Sunshine." Good for them.

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