Android 4.4.4 is just a minor security update, but what's the point of buying these Nexus and Google Play Edition devices if you can't have the latest and greatest no matter how minor the update? The Google Play Edition Moto G is finally living up to expectations with an OTA to Android 4.4.4. Just like the LG G Pad Google Play Edition (that's the LGGPGPE for "short"), this device is making the jump straight from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4.


The update package takes you from KOT49H to KTU84P. You can only use this OTA if you're running that exact build on your device. Rooted devices are fine, but you'll have to re-root after the update is done. A custom recovery is required to flash the update manually from the device itself. Stock users can still use the update OTA, but you'll have to do an ADB sideload. Follow this guide, substituting the new files.


File Size: 161MB

MD5: 55a1714dcf2fdb160c6d4e80c0a4545e

[XDA – Thanks for the screen, Mahmoud Abd Elhafeez]