Another Google I/O has passed, and with it, a slew of Android-related announcements and reveals we've only just scratched the surface of at this point. This year was all about platforms: phones, tablet, watches, TVs, and cars - Google wants Android on all the things in your life that should be smarter (well, at least some people think they should be).

Which, though, was the showstopper for you? What are you waiting on more than anything else at this point? The "L" release is Android's biggest evolution since Android, if you're asking Google, which is bound to mean big things for both users and developers. But Wear has been the darling of the coverage around I/O this year (even if it wasn't announced at I/O, this was its big coming out party), with the platform debuting on the LG G Watch, Moto 360 - which continues to win almost universal prerelease acclaim - and Samsung Gear Live. Then, there's Android TV - Sony and Sharp's full lineups will be built with Android TV, and set top boxes from a slew of OEMs are on the way, too. Android Auto, for all the excitement a smarter car can bring, is probably the furthest off of the 4, though. The first Android Auto-ready cars will launch at the end of the year, but it will likely be two or three years more before we know just how big Android Auto is going to get, if it does take off.

Anyway, vote in the poll and, as always, sound off in the comments below and make yourself heard.

What Android announcement (speaking in broad terms) at I/O excites you the most?

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