Google isn't the only one laying the groundwork for Android TV in the Play Store. It looks like Netflix is making sure that people can access its streaming service on the new system, despite the fact that only a few thousand people have been able to get their hands on the developer hardware from Google I/O. There's already a Netflix app for Android TV on the Play Store.

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Naturally, it's incompatible with everything except the ADT-1 developer device. Google I/O attendees should be able to enjoy (read: beta test) Netflix's app for the next few months, which will let the company make sure it's ready for prime time when Android TV hits retailers later this year. The interface looks like it adheres pretty closely to the UI patterns shown off in the I/O presentations.

According to the description, all the features from the Android app (and all the other various Netflix apps for other operating systems) are present, including support for multiple users, watch lists, and movie/TV show ratings. Control comes via the ADT-1's included controller or the Android TV remote control app on your smartphone, as you'd expect.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free