Are you curious to see how all the new parts of Android will work together? Do you want this information delivered in advertisement form? Would you prefer this ad to feature an attractive yet non-threatening male model, a generic alt-rock backtrack, and a cute doggy? Then sit back and watch, my highly-specific friend, because your world is about to be rocked.

OK, so Google's latest advertisement isn't exactly breaking the mold here, but it does show a pretty seamless transition between an Android L phone, an Android Wear watch, an Android Auto car, and finishing with Android TV. Assuming you're the kind of person who religiously buys anything running Google's OS, this could very well be you... in another four or five months, when Android L and all the rest finally make it to market. Oh, and you'll need to find a dog who's trained for an obstacle course, and who's arrogant enough to assume that he's won first place after a single run-though.

Seriously, that dog is a jerk. He didn't even look at the other competitors. He's the canine equivalent of Richard Sherman.


There are a few things missing from Google's Android universe in this ad: one, Chromecast, which I suppose makes sense, since Android TV will include all its functionality. And two, Google Glass. The latter's absence is probably because it still isn't intended to be used by anyone except developers... but you could take the view that its exclusion here, not to mention the general lack of Glass content on the first day of I/O, means it still won't be ready for prime time later this year.

Source: YouTube