Google Play for Education is an Android thing, not a Chrome thing. But considering the fact that Chromebooks' low prices and web-connected nature make them perfect terminal PCs for schools, it makes a lot of sense to bridge that gap. Today Google has done so, making the Google Play for Education page and app delivery system work for Chrome apps, Play Store books, and other content. It should be a familiar and relatively easy way for teachers and administrators to get things done.


According to the Google Enterprise Blog, the Google Play for Education system will allow teachers to remotely install a Chrome app on an entire classroom of Chromebooks, or just one laptop. They'll also be able to create custom playlists of YouTube videos and reading material.

But perhaps the most exciting thing to happen to Google Play Education is yet to come. During today's Google I/O 2014 keynote, Google showed off new features headed for ChromeOS in the near future, including at least some Android apps that will be able to run in Chrome. That means that if a developer codes his or her app right, an administrator could install it on every Chromebook and Android tablet in an entire school in a few seconds, not to mention the convenience of a consistent interface for students. Cool beans.

Source: Google Enterprise Blog