BeyondPod has long been one of the top Android podcast managers, but it was definitely not tops in the looks department. The current version is okay, but it could use a fresh coat of paint. The new 4.0 beta is getting more than that, though. BeyondPod 4.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up with a completely new UI and a new name to go with it. BeyondPod is BeyondPod EVO now.

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Just comparing the new app (above) to the current Google Play version (at the bottom), the difference is clear. The app is super-clean, with cards, a proper nav drawer, and a nice full-screen playback interface. The changelog posted on the beta download page (it's not being run through Google Play) is mostly about the visual and layout changes, but here it is.

  • Simple and faster navigation using a new, modern user interface. (Make sure to read our upgrade guide).
  • All feeds are neatly organized in categories and available from the new left navigation drawer.
  • Your playlist is easily accessible by swiping from the right screen edge (right drawer).
  • New full screen player with support for visualizations.
  • It is easier to navigate your playlist when driving or exercising with the new "car mode" player.
  • We also added support for multiple SmartPlay lists

I would add that it looks like tablet support is built into this one app now, rather than the two separate listings used in the v3.x app. The beta app is a trial just like the stable release. It gets all the pro features for a week, then you'll need a license. The app still has all the powerful features it had before, but it's much prettier. You should definitely check this out if you're a BeyondPod user.

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