Audi has long been a car brand associated with advanced technology in the luxury segment, often taking risks well before their primary competitors BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus, are willing to step up to the plate. Audi will also be the first of those brands to offer vehicles with Android Auto integration, according to a press release issued by the VW-owned mark today.


Audi states that beginning in 2015, all-new vehicle models with Audi MMI infotainment (I always gag on that word) systems will be Android Auto-ready. Now, the wording there is carefully crafted: all-new vehicle models. As in, not all new models, but models that are all-new. This probably means that the recently re-introduced A3 sedan and other models not up for major refreshes next year won't be getting it. Even Audi's new TT, unveiled back in March, may not be a candidate, as automotive technology tends to have very long development pipelines compared to normal consumer electronics. Though, given the TT's focus on high-tech interior refinements, I suppose it's still possible.

The rumored upcoming all-new A5, a 2016 model, would seem a more probably vehicle to mark the launch of Audi's Android Auto-equipped lineup, then. The A5 is one of Audi's most popular cars in recent years, and it currently leads the small luxury coupe segment along with BMW's 4-series.

If you're wondering which of the German marks to go with for a shot at Android Auto integration, by the way, the VW group is your only option at this point: neither Mercedes nor BMW (or by relation, Mini) have signed on to the Open Auto Alliance, instead opting for Apple's CarPlay, it would seem.