I'm a twenty-something bachelor, so if you were to assume that my homemaking skills are somewhat lacking, I probably wouldn't bother to chide you for stereotyping. If I cared enough about such things (or owned a house), I might look into BrightNest, a subsidy of Angie's List that's focused on giving you tips for keeping your living place in tip top shape. The popular website just launched an Android app to compliment its online tips and tricks.

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BrightNest offers a few fashion-style tips, but it's more like Lifehacker than Better Homes & Gardens. When you first start the app, you'll be prompted to answer a few questions: do you have any pets or kids? Do you have a garage? Do you have a pool that you take care of yourself? Once it's got a little basic information, it will offer tips that save time and money on basic home upkeep, further divided into optional sub-categories like "Green," "Clean," Handy," and "Hungry."

If you're not exactly on top of all those little things you should be doing to keep your house in order, BrightNest offers timed reminders along with list articles. The app is reasonably clean and easy to use, and the interface works well, but I've got to take a few points off for requiring a BrightNest account to access the content, though you can sign in with Facebook. The app is free for Android 4.1 or later.