Google is kind (or maybe bold) enough to back up all your photos as you take them. Google+ Photos has some solid editing tools to go along with that functionality, and now it's getting a little better with two new features. You'll be able to go back and tweak a previous edit, and G+ will also be able to apply filters to your photos as part of the Auto Awesome process.


The re-editing thing is possible because Google's editing tools are non-destructive – that is, the original version is left intact. Starting today, you can use desktop Chrome to adjust previous edits. Here's the gist from Googler John Nack.

  • Suppose you want to re-crop a photo but leave the other effects alone. Or keep your choice of frames, but turn up the brightness and contrast.
  • Now you can, and you don’t have to start from scratch. Just open your photo in the Chrome editor, click on “Edits,” and you’ll be able to adjust the edits you’ve already made.
  • When you settle on a look you really like, you can also copy those edits and apply them to another photo


There are already various trendy filters available in Google+ Photos, but now Auto Awesome will be able to apply those filters auto-magically to landscapes and cityscapes (and maybe more stuff, but that isn't clear). As with all automatic edits on G+, you can discard them and get the original photo. It sounds from the description like Auto Awesome isn't going to apply any heavier filters – it's just going to make the subject "pop" with the HDR Scape. Both updates are rolling out today.

[+John Nack]