Admit it, Glass owners, half the reason you're going to Google I/O is that you want to chat with other Glass people about how cool Glass is (hashtag throughglass). Google has given you plenty to chat about: they've just thrown a dozen new apps into the Glassware gallery, all of them from notable sources. Probably the most interesting is Livestream, the official app for, which was previously available as a side-load install.

Livestream Duolingo lyrics_mafic_coldplay

StarChart TheGuardian ZombiesRun

Clockwise from left: Livestream, Duolingo, MusiXmatch, Star Chart, The Guardian, and Zombies Run!

Other possibly useful additions include a Glassified version of the Duolingo language learning app, a really cool take on the augmented reality Star Chart app, heads-up versions of the Runtastic and Zombies Run! fitness apps, and similar music matching apps from Shazam and MusiXmatch. The latter will display live lyrics on the screen as the song plays, so I fully expect Glass owners to burst into impromptu Karaoke sessions at every opportunity.

The Guardian's Glass app will shoot world news directly into your face, has you covered for soccer news, 94Fifty will tutor you on shooting with the smart basketball sensor, GuidiGO has guided tours for a handful of notable tourist cities, and Allthecooks lets you cook all the things with their newly-official Glass app.

Expect Google to cover some of these in detail at I/O in a promotional capacity, and perhaps more, depending on which new Glass software features they want to highlight. Glass owners can download the new apps from Glassware right now.

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