The official Facebook Pages manager app is the best (and only) way to access all the features of your fancy business pages on the social network. The app wasn't great before, but v2.0 is completely refreshing the design. Oh, and there are some very iOS-ish icons, which I know you're all going to love.

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Here's the vague changelog posted by Facebook.

  • new, streamlined look
  • Now it's easier to see your Page's activity and insights
  • See which admin posts and comments as your Page

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The new UI isn't all shameless iOS icon pilfering. There are some card elements and the overall look isn't bad. The old one looked like the Facebook app from a year or two ago – it was really clunky. There are some screens of the old one below for comparison.

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The old app

Facebook Pages Manager
Facebook Pages Manager
Developer: Facebook
Price: Free