I don't need to tell you this is a good deal – we've seen it pop up before and it sold out pretty fast. Today you can get the Nexus 7 in either 16GB or 32GB sizes for $170 and $130 respectively, but it's US-only.

2014-06-23 10_44_06-Asus Google Nexus 7 2nd Edition 32GB 7_ Android 4 3 Jelly Bean Dual Webcam GPS 8

This is a refurbished unit, so there is only a limited factory warranty. Otherwise it's the same device you'd buy for about $100 more from Google Play. Standard shipping is free too.

Is now the time to snap up a Nexus 7? Google I/O is coming up, but we're not hearing any rumors about a new Nexus tablet. Volantis is probably coming late this year. If you want in, you should get on this quickly before it's gone.

[Nexus 7 32GB, Nexus 7 16GB]