I love Google Shopping Express. I am practically a Google Shopping Express fanboy. Sure, that's mostly because it comes with a 6-month no-delivery fee trial thus literally making it cheaper than actually going to the grocery store, but hey, it's awesome regardless.

But now, Shopping Express is ready to do something it hasn't to date: deliver big-people juice to your doorstep. Yep, GSE is going to liquor you up. Or wine / beer you up, whatever. And unlike a bartender, you don't even need to tip it (seriously, they discourage tipping). For now, alcohol delivery is limited to San Francisco and even further only to Nob Hill supermarkets, but a source tells us that Costco, AKA bulk booze mecca, will soon join the list of stores catering to the 21+ crowd.


There are rules, though. Google won't deliver alcohol to any school (including college campuses), prisons (duh), veterans' homes, the state capitol grounds (what), buffer boxes or digital lockers, or to alcohol resellers (duh). You must also sign for your delivery and present valid photo ID showing you're above the age of 21, and Google says you can't be "visibly intoxicated" when they show up. If you are absolutely schnockered when Google comes a knockin', though, they'll refund you. Oh, and coupons and promo codes can't be applied to alochol.

Presumably, other cities will follow (barring any laws banning alcohol delivery in your state), as has generally been the case with Shopping Express. So, if you're in the San Francisco area and want a six-pack waiting for you when you get home tonight, Google to the rescue.

GSE Alcohol Delivery Policy, GSE Alcohol Purchase Policy