Square Order is actually a pretty interesting service - think Amazon Fresh meets Eat24. While it's still only available in New York City and San Francisco, the on-demand ordering system is finally out of beta on Android, with the app now available for consumption.

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Square Order allows you to order food from restaurants, but it's a bit more than that - it's designed to be used even while you're inside the restaurant, because the app actually notifies you as soon as your order is ready, and payment and tip are integrated as well. The idea being that you don't have to get in line to get your order in - just open the app, take a seat, and wait. Square Order also does things like groceries, allowing you to place an order at your local Whole Foods and just pick up your groceries upon arrival, a major convenience.

To download the app, just head to the Play Store link below.

The app was not found in the store. :-(