Intel might have finally cracked the video messaging code. See, you'd probably send more video messages to people if you looked like a giant anthropomorphized puffer fish. Heck, you might even pay for the privilege of looking like George Washington in said video message. So obviously, there's now an Intel app called Pocket Avatars that does just that.

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Pocket Avatars uses face tracking technology to render your expressions on the cartoony avatar's. It's reasonably accurate and kind of fun to play with for a few minutes. There are a few free avatars, but the "premium" ones cost $0.99 each. You can conduct chats with any of your contacts who are on Pocket Avatars (probably none of them) or share your video messages to other services.

It's just kind of fascinating that Intel would expend the resources to create this app. Maybe it's supposed to be a demo of Intel's head tracking algorithms? At any rate, this is a thing now, and you can use it to send obnoxious video messages to people.

The app was not found in the store. :-(