A day after beginning its rollout of an over-the-air software update for the Galaxy S5 that brings Wi-Fi calling to the device, Sprint is pushing out updates to two other Galaxy devices. The S4 Mini and Mega are both due to receive Android 4.4.2 starting today. The Mini's version number is L520VPUBNE3, and the update comes on the same day as the Verizon variant's. Meanwhile, the Mega is getting treated to L600VPUANE4. The changelog is the same for both devices.


Some of the changes to expect include white notification bar icons, a larger selection of emoji, new wireless printing options, and consolidated location settings. The media controls on the lock screen are different, and there's a camera shortcut tucked away there as well. This is a major update, and the list here includes only a taste of all that's different. So hit up those update buttons and enjoy the sweetness that is KitKat.


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