T-Mobile has just announced their plans for Uncarrier part 5. The first big move of the T-mo's latest effort to shake up the wireless industry is the announcement of Test-Drive, a service through which users can get an iPhone 5S for seven days to take T-Mobile's "data strong" network for, well, a test drive. There's no down-payment, no charge, no nothing. Just get the device, try out the network, and return it at a store when you're done.

The carrier is promoting this new effort under the hashtag #7NightStand, with planned social challenges that "reward "cheaters" for sharing the dirt on the 7-day fling they're having with T-Mobile."

T-Mobile is convinced that users will come away with a yearning to not just "cheat on their carrier," but break away from them entirely, opting for T-Mobile's network, which it says is built on the idea that people primarily use their mobile devices for data now, not phone calls. The service, expected for launch Monday June 23rd, will evidently be limited to one test-drive per year, per household, per credit card.

The second half of the announcement is a set of moves centered around music streaming. Perhaps the biggest move is that T-Mobile plans to allow free music streaming that won't count toward a user's data allotment from select services. This means that even if a user (on an applicable plan) is over their data allotment, they can still stream from a list of common streaming services.


So far, those services include Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, iTunes Radio, Slacker, Milk Music, Beatport, and iHeartRadio. T-Mobile encourages users to vote on future additions to the group of select services at its Free Music Streaming page. As a side note, T-Mobile clarified during the presentation that the services listed are not paying T-Mobile for priority, and there is no commercial relationship between the carrier and the music services.

T-Mobile is also planning on releasing Rhapsody unRadio, a service born of T-Mobile's partnership with Rhapsody that will give users an ad-free experience with unlimited skips and no ads. The service will launch on June 22nd, at $4/month for customers on non-unlimited plans, free for unlimited customers.

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