Widely regarded as one of the best terminal clients on Android, JuiceSSH's v1.5 update today doesn't add any new features, it actually does one better: it allows other developers to add new features to the app, via community plugin support.

Plugins in Juice will be able to request custom Android permissions for listing or modifying connections, groups, and group memberships, initiating and interacting with SSH sessions, and to audit plugin interactions.

Screenshot_2014-06-16-20-03-07 Screenshot_2014-06-16-20-03-49 Screenshot_2014-06-17-06-43-04

Three plugins are already live (shown above), including a performance monitor, a port knocker, and a plugin audit log viewer. The developers provide a full list of resources for plugin development on this Reddit post, and state that support for plugins will roll out to 100% of Juice users within the next 24 hours if things go smoothly. If you can't want, you can also get it right here.

JuiceSSH - SSH Client
JuiceSSH - SSH Client
Developer: Sonelli Ltd
Price: Free+

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