The all-you-can-eat subscription service is available for basically everything these days: movies, music, games...and thanks to Oyster, books. For those unfamiliar with Oyster, the gist is very simple – pay $10 a month, read as much as you like. While Oyster has been around since late last year, today marks the launch of the company's Android app.


The service offers a fairly massive 500,000+ book catalog right out of the gate, and subscribers have access to as many of those as they can consume for $10 a month. Really, even if you only read a couple of titles in that timeframe it basically pays for itself. If you read more than that, then you're ultimately saving money.

Oyster is unfortunately only available in the US. From the site:

In what countries can I use Oyster?
Currently Oyster is only available in the United States and for U.S.-based credit cards. We are working hard to expand to new markets in the future.
Subscribers can access Oyster while abroad, but we encourage readers to be mindful of data-roaming costs.

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Oyster offers a free 30-day trial (as most services like this do), so you can give it a try to see what it's all about. You can sign up here, and grab the Android app below.

The app was not found in the store. :-(