The folks at Cyanogen Inc. are busy with more than the OnePlus One launch, if that's what you call this. There are also a pair of new apps in the Play Store. Theme Showcast pretties up your CM11-based device, and Gallery Next is live, but only for the OnePlus One right now.

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The Theme Showcase app uses the updated CM theme engine to tweak every part of the OS in just a few taps. The screens do indeed make it look like a pretty serious UI change for some of these themes. It also has support for icon packs and the legacy T-Mobile theme engine (in a limited fashion).

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The other listing is a bit more vexing for users of CM. Gallery Next is finally out of beta and listed in Google Play, but it looks like it's for the OnePlus One only right now. The listing does say that more devices are coming soon, so be patient. Or freak out, I guess. Whatever floats your boat.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Cyanogen Gallery
Cyanogen Gallery
Developer: CyanogenMod
Price: Free