After reaching its funding goal shortly after hitting Kickstarter and finishing the campaign back in October, Pressy units have finally started shipping out to backers. Now while we wait for those to start arriving in peoples' hands, let's take a look at some of the nifty uses for them that are already rolling out. AutomateIt, a tasker alternative, has a new Pressy plugin that turns the device into a trigger for any actions the app is capable of pulling off. This greatly expands what tinkerers will be able to do with their new Pressy units.

AutomateIt1 AutomateIt2 AutomateIt3

With this plugin, you can have Pressy trigger any of AutomateIt's many actions. This includes common features that the official Pressy app includes out of the box, such as toggling mute, taking a picture, or turning on the flashlight. Alternatively, you can toggle Airplane mode, fire up apps, or lump a number of actions together. You can set these functions to respond to a single button press or various short sequences.

The plugin is free, but you need to have AutomateIt installed to do anything with it. Here are the links.

AutomateIt Pressy Plugin
AutomateIt Pressy Plugin
Developer: SmarterApps Ltd
Price: Free

Source: AutomateIt blog

Thanks, Yaron.