likes to teach people things, and it prefers to do so using moving pictures. So like any video-centric Android app worth its salt, it's now introducing Chromecast support. This way viewers can take those course videos and toss them up onto a larger screen than the one resting on their laps.


It takes a certain amount of discipline to soldier through multiple course videos, so having the option to sit back and relax is a pretty big deal. That said, this isn't all the update has to offer. The app now lets users resume a video where they left off previously, and there are personalized course recommendations to point them towards new material. Here's the provided list of what else to look for in this release.

New features:
  • Video streaming via Chromecast
  • Dashboard at login
  • Personalized course recommendations
  • Continue watching courses where you left off
  • Search results sorting by relevancy, release date, and course title
  • Playlist additions from search results
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed full screen video rotation issue
  • Fixed video skipping issue with auto-play

The app is free to download, but you will need to become a member to view all of the available content. Considering the nature of the service, I would say that is pretty understandable.

Lynda - Online Training Videos
Lynda - Online Training Videos
Developer: LinkedIn
Price: Free