Maybe it's the months-long PR buildup, maybe it's the extreme scarcity, or maybe it's just the manifested hopes of thousands of overeager Android fans, but the OnePlus One sure seems to be attracting more than its fair share of rumor and misinformation. Just over a month ago we needed to clarify that the powerful unlocked phone does not, in fact, have a MicroSD card slot, and here we are again. So, just to be clear: the OnePlus One is not waterproof in any way, shape, or form, and giving your shiny new phone a baptism is a very bad idea.

The idea of a OnePlus One with water-repelling powers stems from the video above, where one random YouTube user observed that his OnePlus One did not immediately melt after being exposed to a few raindrops. Based on this evidence, he decided to dunk his brand new phone into a few centimeters of water. The phone comes out apparently unscathed after up to 12 seconds of extremely shallow submersion.

Initially we decided to ignore this, but despite the fact that OnePlus never indicated any kind of waterproof rating for the one, the video continues to accumulate views and news posts. So to set the record straight, we asked for a comment from a OnePlus representative:

The OnePlus One is put through a multitude of tests in varied conditions including mist and water. While it is built to the highest standard, the OnePlus One is not endorsed as a water resistant product and water damage will not be covered by warranty.

So there you have it: one YouTuber got lucky after splashing his One with a little rainwater, and you should in no way try to replicate his good fortune. There are plenty of other phones to choose from if you're in the habit of playing 2048 in the shower.

Source: YouTube