LG's G3 has a lot of pixels. Like, a lot a lot. 534 of them per inch, if you want to get precise. How sharp is it? It's pretty damn sharp.


Yes, this actually is the G3's screen. Wowzers.

But is there any practical, even technical, reason to keep pushing on the pixel density front in smartphones? Or will QHD finally be our stopping point? Should 1080p have been? Do you care?

The only benefit we're aware of for such resolution comes in the form of enhanced clarity for fonts in the CJK languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), where complex shapes and tapering can make small text difficult to read on a standard 1080p display. And note that by "difficult" I don't mean actually hard, I just mean you might have to squint a little - I've never seen anyone argue that CJK characters look bad on a 1080p display, just that they could look perceptibly better on, say, a QHD screen.

So, what say you? Are you "Q"ed up for the next step in the smartphone pixel wars, or is this just jumbo-sized hype over some really tiny dots?

QHD - worth it, or just more pixel pushing?

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