Mobile rumor master Evleaks is at it again, showing off what appears to be a press render of the Samsung "Galaxy F." The photo shows a phone that looks very much like a slightly larger Galaxy S5 with a metal (or at least metal-looking) rear cover, in a "perfect golden" white-on-gold color scheme. The pulse oximeter beneath the rear camera indicates that this is a high-end Samsung phone, possibly a premium alternative to the Galaxy S5 or a replacement for the next Galaxy Note.


'Galaxy F' rumors have been flying from less reliable sources for some time, with some claiming that it will be the even higher-end flagship also known as the "Galaxy S5 Prime." It certainly seems similar, though not identical, to a phone claimed to be a pre-production Samsung flagship from last month, and other sites are circulating photos of a Samsung phone purported to be the Galaxy F, which is roughly the size of an S5 with noticeably slimmer screen bezels. There have been reliable indications that both Samsung and HTC are creating super-premium models to more reliably match up to the LG G3, with its slightly larger and much higher-resolution screen.

One more thing: the date. Press renders typically show the date of a phone's announcement on the device's screen, at least when they show a date at all. This photo shows "Wednesday, September 12th," which is in fact a Friday, but more importantly it's two days after the IFA electronics show in Berlin ends. IFA has typically been a big time for Samsung, and they've used the show (or a concurrent Samsung Unpacked event) to announce various high-end devices, including the original Galaxy Note, Note 2, and Note 3. Samsung is more than willing to create its own event for exclusive media coverage, but doing so just two days after a huge show ends would be a strange and inadvisable PR move.

Then again, it could simply be an error on a render not ready for Prime time, and there's certainly nothing conclusive in a date on an unconfirmed photo. We'll be keeping an eye out for the Galaxy F, or S5 Prime, or whatever it turns out to be.

Source: Evleaks