At this point, Android's notification system is pretty elegant. But there's no way to avoid confusion (and for some users, frustration) when a ton of notifications come in all at once. Echo Lockscreen attempts to fix that with a lockscreen replacement that puts your current notifications front and center, then organizes them by app or urgency. Currently Echo is in alpha testing, and it's a free download in the Play Store.

The primary display has a date, time, and battery widget above the notification area. Incoming notifications will automatically be tossed underneath the appropriate header by app: missed calls, texts, and emails are under "Priority," Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media apps go in "Social," Dropbox and finance apps go in "Work," and so on. Priority notifications will briefly activate your screen, which is good for those who keep their phone on a desk at work. Swiping a notification to the right will "echo" it, allowing you to be re-alerted at a specific time or when you connect to your home or work WiFi network.


As interesting and polished as the core concept is, Echo needs a bit of work. Notifications are flagged as "Priority" based on how often you select them, but there's no way to manually put notifications in a specific category - my weather alerts were automatically placed in "Work," for some reason. There's also no way to implement security (without using the default PIN or pattern, and thus having two lockscreens) and the only means of customization is wallpaper. It's worth a look if you want something different, but I imagine that only those who are constantly plagued with 10 or more notifications will be willing to give up access to lockscreen widgets and security.

Echo Notification Lockscreen
Echo Notification Lockscreen
Developer: Double Labs
Price: Free+