The folks at CyanogenMod are on a roll with Chinese hardware. After adding official support for the Xiaomi Mi2, they've now published the first nightly ROMs for the OnePlus One and the very similar Oppo Find 7A. You can find the One download and forthcoming builds under the "bacon" codename, while the Find 7A is available under the Find7 label. Team WIN Recovery Project is already available for both phones.


A little clarification: according to a member of the CyanogenMod team, the release for the Find 7A may also work for the Find 7, the more premium model with a 2560x1440 screen, among other hardware upgrades. However, the CM team doesn't have a Find 7 to test the build with, so official support has only been declared for the 7A. You're welcome to try out the ROM on the Find 7, but as always, remember that you'll be doing so at your own risk.

It's also worth noting that flashing a nightly build of CyanogenMod on the crowd-pleasing OnePlus One is a little superfluous, since it already runs CyanogenMod. The CM build on the "retail" version of the One has a few small UI and functionality enhancements, so it's technically "CyanogenMod 11S." (See our review of the OnePlus One for full details.) The nightly build is standard CyanogenMod 11, so while it will probably get new CM features faster than the 11S build on the retail model, it won't have those small extras.

Both ROMs are available for download and flashing now, and there should be newer nightlies available soon. You may want to wait a few weeks to see if they're added to the list of devices supported by the more stable M builds. If you're ready to go now, don't forget your Gapps.

Source: CyanogenMod Downloads - OnePus One, Find 7A