I don't know about you, but when I first experienced Facebook chat heads, I wanted bubbles for all the things. Paranoid Android's Halo offered this, but it didn't do anything for people with unrooted devices. So when Chris Lacy later released Link Bubble, a web browser that creates a floating bubble every time you click on a link, my desire started to look less like a pipe dream. Now developer Diigo has released Copy Bubble, a floating clipboard that fits in rather well with the aforementioned apps.

Bubble1 Bubble2 Bubble3

The app's single bubble floats along the edge of the screen and displays how many items you've copied to it. Clicking on the orb will pull up the full clipboard. You can tap any item on the list to select it and paste it elsewhere. And if you copy a link, you can browse it within the same location.

Copy Bubble is free to use and doesn't contain any in-app purchases. Give it a go by hitting up the widget below.

Copy Bubble
Copy Bubble
Developer: Diigo
Price: Free