You guys like soccer, right? Sorry, football... At any rate, Google likes it too, so maybe you'll want to check out Google Maps. In recognition of the World Cup, the Street View pegman is all suited up in a football/soccer uniform that matches the version of maps you're using. Note, this is desktop only, at least right now. It should be good for several minutes of amusement.

2014-06-13 18_27_59-Google Maps 2014-06-13 18_29_46-Google Maps 2014-06-13 18_29_14-Google Maps 2014-06-13 18_28_44-Google Maps

The uniform is automatically applied after the desktop Maps interface loads. The domain is what determines the uniform, so the US is the standard .com, then there's .br, .au, .es, and many more. So have fun playing around with that. Should help kill some time at the end of the week.

[Thanks, Oleg Mazin and Michael Warburton]