If you chat it up on Facebook often (hey, it's OK, we're not passing judgment), then good news is afoot: you can now send videos over the messaging service. Only short videos need apply, however – you'll have to keep it under 15 seconds, much like Instagram. Users take videos directly from within Messenger's camera feature, which makes it easy to grab a quick vid.

And when you receive a video from your friends, you can show your enthusiasm and support with Messenger's other new feature: BIG LIKES. These are for when a regular like simply will not do. Seriously, they're huge.

Update: Looks like this is good to go in the "stable" version of Messenger now, too. HUGE THUMBS FOR EVERYONE!

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Of course, these are just beta features. If you're not yet part of Facebook's beta program for Messenger, you can get in on the action by joining the Google Group and becoming a tester. Then you can send short videos to everyone you know telling them about how much you love the new features.

via Phandroid