Update: Google has since shared a list of retailers from which Canadians can pick up the Chromecast and take advantage of the offer. The options include Amazon, Best Buy, Future Shop, and Google Play.


Canadians, don't say Google's never done anything for you. The Big G is now tossing in $20 CAD worth of Play Store credit with the purchase of a Chromecast. This deal applies whether you pick one of the affordable media sticks up from Google Play or opt to hit up another authorized retailer such as Amazon instead. The catch is that you must purchase the Chromecast before June 30th.


Considering the Chromecast currently goes for $39.99 up in the cold white North, this is a nice way to quasi-get half of your money back to spend on music, movies, and other stuff to enjoy on that new device that will soon arrive at your door. Google will deliver the credit in an email after you make the purchase, and you have until July 30th to redeem it. On that day, the deal is over, and unclaimed credit disappears.

Chromecast from Amazon

Chromecast from Best Buy

Chromecast from Future Shop

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