Google's own launcher lacks many customization features you'd get with third-party options, but it has that cool Google Now panel that makes it that much easier to see your cards. Because that's part of the closed-source Google Search app, other launchers have thus far been unable to implement it. However, the newest 0613 nightlies of CyanogenMod 11 include this feature in the default Trebuchet launcher. Well, mostly.

Just like in Google Now Launcher, the Now interface is to the left of the main screen in Trebuchet. However, it's clearly still a work in progress. The screen dims for a moment as you swipe over and it takes a second to refresh the cards. Swiping back to the home screen comes with a longer delay as well. We've been told these issues will be addressed in the coming weeks, though.

This is a nightly build feature, and nightlies are not going to be perfect. It'll probably be a while before the Google Now panel shows up in the more stable milestone builds.

[Thanks, Matthew Garbett]