Bicycles have been a fairly major part of society for the last couple hundred years, and a lot of technological advancements have made their way into the cycling world over time. What was once purpose-built for getting from A to B has become so much more – everything from racing on the streets to singletrack in the mud, there's a bike built for it. Of course, all around the globe there are millions of riders who hop on their commuter and head off to...wherever. To some people, the very idea of owning a car instead of a bike is simply alien.


Samsung decided to try its hand at building a safer smart bike just for those people – the ones who hit the pavement day in and day out and use their bicycle for all their transportation needs. The frame of this next-generation cycle was designed by Samsung Maestros Academy student Alice Biotti and hand-built by Italian frame builder Giovanni Pelizzoli, and it's packed to the brim with all sorts of badass tech, all of which is supported and controlled by – you guessed it – a Samsung smartphone. Check it out:

Pretty slick, no? This beautifully-crafted single-speed machine has built-in lasers that generate an on-the-go bike lane (for safer night riding), a rear camera, onboard GPS, and several other safety features. The frame itself even absorbs vibrations for a more comfortable ride.

Unfortunately, this is just a concept bike. While it's probably unlikely that we'll ever see it go into production, hopefully other bicycle manufacturers will take note and implement some of this tech into their commuters.

[Maestros Academy via Gizmodo]