Okay, what do you get when you cross a racing game with Pac-Man? Fluid SE. What? That wasn't supposed to be funny. Sorry if you thought that was the setup for a joke. That's actually how Radiangames explains the concept of Fluid SE, and it seems pretty apt from the video.

In Fluid SE, you have to zip around the course collecting all the glowing dots while avoiding the specters (ghosts, I suppose). You have to plan your path smartly to take advantage of the speed boosts without needing to backtrack.

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This game has an interesting look with clean lines and a lot of really neat particle effects. You can also play this game without fear of being bled dry by in-app purchases – there aren't any. It's just $1.99 for the whole game.

Fluid SE
Fluid SE
Developer: Radiangames
Price: $1.99