We always talk about the customizability of Android, but most of us never really put it to the test. Sure, we might change the theme on our keyboards or replace some homescreen icons, but when is the last time you changed your system font? If you're running CyanogenMod and feel like trying something a little different, treat your eyes to any of the six brand new fonts that have been packaged up for use in the CM Theme Engine.


Left: Alegreya, Middle: Bellota, Right: Bilbo

To set up one of the fonts, start by installing its app from the Play Store. After the download completes, go to Settings -> Themes -> Fonts and tap on the font you would like to enable, then check the Fonts box and tap Apply. The change will be complete after a couple of seconds, then every block of text that uses the default font will be displayed with your chosen typeface. Apps and widgets that have specifically defined the chosen font will not be affected. Changing back to the default is as simple as going back to the font selection screen and choosing Holo.


Left: Encode, Middle: Josefin, Right: Tinos

Most of the fonts are pretty legible on high resolution screens, but a few aren't going to work out very well on older devices with a lower pixel density. All of these are identified as open source, but the specific licensing terms don't appear to have been posted yet. Update: Here are the license terms.

This is the first motion we've seen from the CyanogenMod Play Store account since the CM Installer app was removed back in November. The account was never disabled, but it has sat empty for the last 7 months. Hopefully this is just the beginning of several new tools and themes planned for à la carte distribution through the Play Store!

[CyanogenMod Developer Account]