Update: Samsung has shared a little bit more information on this update. The approximate file size is 246.5 MB. Click on the image below to read up on the details.


The time has come for Verizon Galaxy Note II owners to experience the new features that Google rolled out in the fall of 2013, as the Big Red is pushing out an OTA update to the large handset that has the goods in tow. The software version goes by the elegant name of KOT49H.I605VRUFND7.


This update introduces the tweaks that come packed away as part of Android 4.4, such as those lovely white icons, but it's joined by some Samsung-exclusive related additions as well. Knox 2.0 is included, and people eyeing the Gear 2 can now pair the smartwatch with their phone.

Some apps have been removed, others have been added, and a few bugs have been squashed. You know the routine by now. Hit up Verizon's support page below to view some of changes you can expect.

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