Ready wants to reinvigorate the part of your phone that, in ye olden days, was all that mattered. That's right, it wants to improve how you make phone calls. Rather than gutting out your home screen and replacing it with something quirky, it tackles your dialer instead.

The Ready developers have tasked themselves with making contacts easier to see and communicate with. The app does so by not only tweaking how contacts are presented, but by creating useful shortcuts as well. The idea is that if you just got off the phone with someone, you might want to call them back, text them, or shoot them an email, so let's make those options available upfront. All of this practicality, of course, is joined by a healthy dose of pretty.

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The app is still in beta, but you can get your hands on it by joining the Google+ testing community and heading over to the opt-in link. Only then can you hit up the Play Store to give the experience a go.

Ready Contacts + Dialer
Ready Contacts + Dialer
Developer: Ready
Price: Free+

Thanks, +AlexKruger.