Google hasn't completely forgotten about Voice – after nine months with nary a peep, the Google Voice app has suddenly woken up in the Play Store. The new version comes with version number, which isn't even a big jump from the last one (v0.4.2.82). Actually, the fact that the app has been updated at all is the most remarkable thing about this. There's almost nothing new here.

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The selector isn't new, but the popup is

What’s New

  • New popup with international calling information.

The additional warning for international calls is really all we've spotted so far (it links to this page). It seems that after so long there should be something new. We're not even seeing hints of a Hangouts changeover. The APK is available for download below, so feel free to install and see if anything looks different to you.


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Version: (Android 2.0+).

MD5: a8a60496bf69a990186795411c2d9bd1.

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[Thanks, Luke Olson]