Facebook's official Android app got an update today, bringing it to the nice, round version 10.0 mark. The update doesn't include any clarity for the app's interface (which, in many ways, is not dissimilar to a plate of spaghetti), but it does pack a few handy new tricks.

First up, the new app will allow users to "like" posts, photos, and pages without an internet connection. So if you're scrolling through your stream but don't have a data connection, no worries - just hit the "like" button and forget about it. The action will of course sync once you get signal.

The app also adds the ability to remove tags you've created, or untag yourself from friends' content. Users can also turn post notifications on or off, and the update adds - of course - "improvements for speed and reliability."

If you're a Facebook user and you haven't grabbed the update already, check your device or hit the widget below.

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+