Pushbullet is an app that consistently has strong updates that work toward crafting, step by step, a better harmony between your devices (including your computer). EvolveSMS is an app with good design that takes a sharp focus on functionality and making text-based communication easier. It only makes sense, then, that the two would make a great pair.

Today, Jacob Klinker, the developer behind EvolveSMS, announced a partnership with Pushbullet that will - put simply - allow users to receive, view, and reply to SMS messages from their desktop. That last bit is the killer feature - Pushbullet has mirrored notifications to your PC for a while, but the ability to reply to SMS messages is a very welcome addition. The feature is still in beta, but check out the demo video for a quick overview.

Basically, the incoming message is mirrored to the user's PC, at which point the user can pop open a window and type a reply, which will then be routed back to your device, through EvolveSMS, and out to the desired recipient.

To try out the functionality ahead of time, users will need to head over to the EvolveSMS beta community and get signed up for the beta. Users should then bounce over to the Pushbullet community and do the same thing. You'll want EvolveSMS version 1.8.0 beta 1, and Pushbullet version 14.3 to get everything working. Finally, just update the Pushbullet extension from the Chrome web store.

Source: Jacob Klinker (Google+)

Thanks, Derek!