Last week we took an initial look at Handy Apps' latest money management tool, called Expense IQ. It's essentially the successor to the company's popular EZ Money application, but it packs a few more bells and whistles under its hood (along with an all-new interface). Today we want to talk about a few more features of Expense IQ, like bill reminders, budgets, and the handy homescreen widget.

We've all forgotten to make a payment at one point or another, which sucks, because as punishment for your forgetfulness, most companies smack you with a late fee so you won't do it again. Fortunately, Expense IQ has a handy Bill Reminder feature baked in – simply set up your payments (along with due dates) and you're good to go. It'll let you know when something needs to be paid, saving you the trouble of remembering and keeping you from having to give companies more money than they deserve.

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You can also set personalized budgets from within Expense IQ. If you have issues with money management, budgets are an excellent way to keep yourself in check. Set a limit, keep up with it from Expense IQ, and save yourself a chunk of change. That's what this is all about, after all.

To make it even easier to keep up with all your funds (and spending habits), Expense IQ also has a nice little homescreen widget that offers quick access to your accounts, bills, budgets, reports, and the ability to quickly add a new account. It also keeps track of how much you've spent in the current month, so you can feel ashamed of yourself for wasting all those dollars and start saving more. Shame savings, I call it.

Expense IQ is a free install, though the full, limitless version will set you back $7. After you buy it, put that in your app budget. Everyone has a monthly budget for apps, right?

Expense IQ Money Manager
Expense IQ Money Manager
Developer: Handy Apps
Price: Free+


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